To Dad

My Dad passed away 1 month ago today, 24th February 2019 at 16:15.

In Ireland for Catholics a “Month’s mind” requiem mass is celebrated, about one month after a person’s death, in memory of the deceased.

I want this post to be my Internet Month’s mind for Dad. He’d have probably thrown his eyes up to heaven if I told him about this. 🙄

The (almost) universal practice is for the family of the deceased and close friends to attend mass and take a meal together on the occasion of the month’s mind

These “minding days” were of great antiquity, and were survivals of the Norse minne, or ceremonial drinking to the dead.

Seeing as I’m not able to be at home and I’m “not much of a good Catholic”, I’ll resurrect the Norse ceremony of minne, and celebrate Dad with a small Jameson.

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