Quote from Assisted suicide, The Economist, 21st July 2014

Assisted suicide, Easeful death. Most people in the Western world favour assisted suicide. The law should reflect their will.

Moral absolutes are rare. When faced with dilemmas societies draw boundaries and carve out exceptions. In even the seemingly clearest of cases, such as the prohibition on killing, exceptions are made for things like war and self-defence.

Assisted suicide is no different and each society’s boundaries will no doubt differ and evolve, as they already have.








Listo para la mañana.



Preparado para San Fermín. Ya falta menos.

Why do you keep going back to San Fermín?

Bar! Séptimo encierro con toros de la ganadería de D. Juan Pedro Domecq - San Fermín 2012

A simple question. Or is it?

I want to know why you keep going back to Pamplona, and the fiesta of San Fermín.

Please leave your explanation below in the comment section. You have 300 words.

I would prefer if your explanations were anonymous. I don’t want to know your identity. Do not enter your name, email, website.

If you don’t leave your “name”, “email address”, or “website address”, there will be no way for me to know who you are.

25 years ago today

The mystery of Picasso (1956) trailer

The trailer for Henri-Georges Clouzot’s 1956 documentary “The Mystery of Picasso” (1956)1 which is available on Amazon2.

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A “man of the people”

A photograph of a  young Nigel Farage

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A cartoon called Have you found Jesus?

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