ActivityPub: Activated!

Mr. Woodman celebrating being on the fediverse.

Ever since I heard about the fediverse, and once I understood what that meant (different web presences being able to interact with each other) I thought about starting to blog again.

I’ve been WordPress user for many years. I’ve lost at least 2 or 3 blogs worth of posts over the last 20 odd years. So I thought I’d stick with it.

Finally, there’s the really simple ActivityPub plugin for WordPress to enable it for ActivityPub. It’s taken me 4 minutes to get it working –

  1. Install the ActivityPub plugin.
  2. Go to the plugin’s settings page and adjust the settings to your liking. Click the Save button when ready.
  3. Make sure your blog’s author profile page is active if you are using author profiles.
  4. Go to Mastodon or any other federated platform, and search for your profile, and follow it. Your new profile will be in the form of either or, so that is what you’ll search for. (Mine is @bernard)
  5. On your blog, publish a new post.
  6. From Mastodon, check to see if the new post appears in your Home feed.

If I’ve done it right, this post should turn up on the fediverse in about 15 mins. 🤞


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