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  • ActivityPub: Activated!

    Ever since I heard about the fediverse, and once I understood what that meant (different web presences being able to interact with each other) I thought about starting to blog again. I’ve been WordPress user for many years. I’ve lost at least 2 or 3 blogs worth of posts over the last 20 odd years.…

  • The Hello Machine

    When I worked in telecommunications (late 2000’s) Electronic Switching Systems had been pretty much taken over by software switching systems, but the proprietary hardware, closely coupled to the software, was still very much an important component. While the call switching and routing was no longer achieved by thousands and thousands of hardware relays switching dedicated…

  • Vote Democrobot

    Vote Democrobot

    The first political party run by artificial intelligence. I suppose it can’t be any worse than what’s there now.

  • Cable distribution cabinet

    Cable distribution cabinet
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