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Why do you keep going back to San Fermín?

Bar! Séptimo encierro con toros de la ganadería de D. Juan Pedro Domecq - San Fermín 2012

A simple question. Or is it?

I want to know why you keep going back to Pamplona, and the fiesta of San Fermín.

Please leave your explanation below in the comment section. You have 300 words.

I would prefer if your explanations were anonymous. I don’t want to know your identity. Do not enter your name, email, website.

If you don’t leave your “name”, “email address”, or “website address”, there will be no way for me to know who you are.

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25 years ago today

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A “man of the people”

A photograph of a  young Nigel Farage

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Take it to the limit one more time, Bomber

Happy birthday Bomber, from all your fiesta family and friends.

I’ve known Bomber since 1999/2000 as a regular at the Fiesta of San Fermín.

I’m posting this photo of Bomber, Joe Distler (a very famous American who has run the encierro since the 60s), Jim Hollander (who has photographed the fiesta since the early 70s), and Jessie Graham (who has been going to the fiesta since the 60s). I took it on the 2nd last day of fiesta in 2011.

I’m reposting (after went offline last year) after coming across a beautiful video about “travel love” ((Travel Love by Christian Grewe)) posted to Vimeo by Christian Grewe ((Christian’s profile on

Christian was travelling around Bangkok and met the infamous, and mysterious Bomber.

In the comments of Christian’s video, Bomber’s cousin, who also came across the video by chance, explained “what Bomber was” ((Vickie’s comment on Vimeo)):

I was going through some of your video and to my happy surprised but made my heart skip a beat was my cousin in this video. You will see the boxers, then some guy on a bike and the El Bomber, sitting in a chair with sunglasses and longer grey hair. El Bomber past away this past Feb. at the age of 65. He ran with the bulls every year since the age of 20 or so and still did in 2012. He is a hero to many. Thank you for making this video and including a wonderful man.

So, here is the photo for you Vickie and Christian. This year we’ll be raising a class to Bomber as we did last year. Take it to the limit!

The Internet really is a small place.

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Que jodido estoy

You can see me at minute 00:07, 2:15 and 03:00 doing my best Alan Lomax impression.

“Amapola (Pretty Little Poppy)” is a 1924 song by Cádiz-born composer José María Lacalle García (later Joseph Lacalle), with Spanish lyrics. After the composer died in 1937, English language lyrics were written by Albert Gamse. (From wikipedia)

José María Lacalle García (1924)

Amapola, lindísima Amapola,
Será siempre mi alma tuya, sola.
Yo te quiero, amada niña mía,
Igual que ama la flor la luz del día.

Amapola, lindísima Amapola,
No seas tan ingrata, ámame.
Amapola, Amapola,
¿Cómo puedes tú vivir tan sola?