Week 42 2020: This week’s New Words


Yodada: Iodized. (Sal yodada)

Navegar a vela: sailing (with a sail..)

Enojo – anger, annoyance

Se hará – verb,

Usufructo – The right by which a person can use the assets of another and enjoy their benefits, with the obligation to preserve and care for them as if they were their own.

This seems to be common in property sales – where the elderly owner(s) of a house agree to sell the house to another, but the original owner retain the right to live in the house until their death.


Bugaderia: Lavandería (Es), Laundry (En)

Tot: todo (Es), everything (En)

Forastero – Stranger, specifically from Spanish mainland.

Used in the Balearic Islands to signify someone who lives in the island for a reasonable time, but is not from the island, specifically is from the Spanish mainland.

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