Week 43: this weeks new words


Babilla: a specific cut of meat from a cow. Part of the hind legs formed by a set of muscles and tendons that articulate the femur with the tibia and the patella. Taste wise it is dry, you can cook it whole, on the brasa, sliced in stew or in fillets.

Tejone: badger

Colmena: hive (for bees)

Buhardilla: attic/loft

Vigas: rafters/beams (wood), girders (metal)

zaguán: (recibidor) hallway (part of a house directly after the front door)

pleno dominio: (to be in) full control

de tal forma: in such a way

sustraer: subtract

buena fe: good faith

camposanto: cemetery

Borrasca: storm

marejada: surge (sea, tidal)

Algarrobo: carob


Com anam: Como va? / How’s it going? / How are you?

Fins un altra: Adiós / Good bye! (Formal)

camaiot: Typical embutido (sausage) from Islas Baleares. It is a cooked, black, and very greasy sausage – usually containing pig (head) minced meat, blood, black pepper, a pinch of paprika and of anise. The meat is inserted in a pig leg, where the name comes from. It is eaten raw, cut in very fine slices, or cooked.

sandvitx: sándwich / sandwich


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