Still no dice…

This is the third day experimenting with my KX3.

I’m getting faster at the SOTABEAMS endfed antenna setup and teardown (about 5mins and 3mins).

Today there was a lot of QSB.

Across 20M and 40M, I heard France (TM16FF, TM14JO, TM14IR), Italy (IQ0RU), Spain (EA7HTE), and Russian language stations. At times they were S +9, and 30 seconds later barely S 1.

Worst part was I’m calling into the void! With 5W, no-one can hear me. 🙉

One good thing is I’ve managed to get the hang of voice recordings on the KX3. It makes that repetitive one-sided calling much easier. Just press a button to repeat. ▶️

I need to continue experimenting with the endfed elevation and orientation of the counterpoise.