Pota park-to-park!

Same park, different area.

This time I was able to set up my station, enjoy sandwich (Ham! Coleslaw! Wholemeal bread!) sitting at a park bench.

Same end-fed antenna, slung in a tree at a lower angle

Better day today! Lots of activity, but lots of QSB. A lot of loud, clear stations running beams, 100W.

20M conditions were good, but signals fading a lot again.

Stations from Germany (DL4VER field day, 100W/beam), Azores Island (CU2CO), Romania (YO2LGE), Italy (IK0PFJ), Spain (EA7GF), Belarus (EW1MM – beautiful audio!).

Pota park-to-park!

As I was tuning around 20M band I came across DL7CD/P who was calling CQ POTA, from DE-0648.

I didn’t expect a response, but I called anyway.

To my surprise, he came back, and gave me 4/5. Even more to my surprise he included “nice signal from a QRP station” in his report. That made my day!

Originally for me he was 3/5 but later he peaked to 9/5 momentarily atls conditions improved.

During our QSO I mentioned I was in a park on London, so he asked for my POTA reference.

Unfortunately the park I was in is not in the POTA listed parks, so I couldn’t give him a reference.

Next thing on my agenda is to figure out how to get it included.

Thanks DL7CD for the contact!

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